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Are you researching a new car. is here to help you get the best deal that you can. You have been to your dealer and seen the car you want. You just don't want to pay the price the dealer is asking. So you're looking for a good discount? Looking to save on current new car prices?

Brand New Cars. Free UK delivery. No obligation quotes. Test Drives. Brochures. Save time & save money, with

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Looking to buy a new car? You will find the widest selection of new car discounts here at is truly independent, we work with Franchised Dealers and Brokers from across the UK to get you the cheapest price for your next new car.

This means you can be certain that the new cars available via our service will be at the best discounted prices you can find anywhere on the web, let alone through any retail outlet.


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A New Car At the Right Price will help you find the right new car for you at the right price. Find your next new car using the search at the top of this page. Find the car you're after, and let us do the rest of the work for you!

Why are New Cars cheaper @

You might be wondering how can find you better deals & cheaper new cars than anywhere else?

The reason is simple. We work with a number of new car dealers & brokers who specialise in selling new cars at discounted prices.

Basically these dealers & brokers are focused on volume - they want to sell as many cars as possible. Your local dealer is focused more on the margin they can make on each individual car. The result - our new car dealers and brokers can offer greater discounts than your local dealer - for exactly the same car. Go a new car quote & see for yourself.


Where are the dealers based?

Quite simply, it doesn't matter. Our new car dealers are based across the UK but they will deliver your new car free of charge to any UK mainland address.